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12 Tips on How to Spot Fake Jewelry

12 Tips on How to Spot Fake Jewelry

How can you tell real jewelry from the fake? To protect yourself from being a victim of deceit, here are 12 simple ways to spot counterfeit jewelry. You can check your jewelry at home or even use some of these methods right there in the store before you hand over your hard-earned cash! SUMMARY:

  • It’s super easy to find information about which hallmarks are typical for different metals online. All you have to do is compare the information from the Internet with the engraving on your jewelry item.
  • A genuine item of jewelry with a high content of precious metal won’t stick to a magnet. That's why you can take out that magnet you've brought with you and figure out if you're being offered the real deal or not.
  • Real gold leaves golden traces on unburnt and unglazed ceramic tiles or porcelain, while the traces from counterfeits are usually gray or black.
  • A simple method to check your silver is to use chalk. If it starts to darken when you rub it in chalk, it’s real!
  • You can check gold with iodine. If there’s a stain left on the item after the test, it's an obvious sign of a fake or a really low content of precious metal.
  • Another way to check gold is the vinegar test. Fake or impure gold darkens in vinegar very quickly.
  • If the item is made of real silver, then the place where you apply the ointment will become dark blue. And don’t worry about ruining your jewelry this way.
  • Ammonia is a good way to check if the item you have is real platinum. When it interacts with most metals, ammonia causes the surface to blacken.
  • A real diamond won’t fog up when you breathe hot air on it because it has a high thermal conductivity.
  • In order to determine the authenticity of an emerald, you should examine the structure of the gem under a magnifying glass. A genuine emerald doesn't have tubular or spiral patterns inside.
  • In order to determine the authenticity of a pearl, it’ll be enough to check it with your teeth. If you try to bite a pearl, you'll feel that it creaks like sand.
  • Place a piece of amber into a glass of salty water. An item made of glass or plastic, as well as fake amber made of epoxy resin, will sink instantly.

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