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6 Tips That Will Make You a God in Fortnite: Battle Royale

6 Tips That Will Make You a God in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Are you tired of getting 0 Kills or 0 Wins ? Let this be a guide for you to become a Fortnite GOD! Do you want to be great!? As of now... this is the HOTTEST game of the century. It's cross-platform, it's minecraft + call of duty. So if you don't know what Fortnite is and ready to dominate before you get in the game. Here's a guide for that also.....


Tip #1. Control Freaks

* accuracy, joystick attachments, focuses on better accuracy, pro's use it for console




Tip #2. Practice Building Upwards


* build up no matter what, land anywhere, but learn to build fast because you'll need it in your gun fights....

In some games JUST focus on building, don't worry about kills.

**Turn on builder pro for MAXIMUM building enhancements.


Tip #3. Get used to using the "Burst AR"



* long range gun fight... blue burst = a lot of damage

* first once a millisecond before you aim in... 

you want the first shot before you aim and shoot, once your holding in your aim keep shooting and crouch shoot... always be crouching... ALWAYS aim in when you shotgun up close..


Tip #4. Defense is better than offense 

super fort.jpg


* Learn to build. building will help you defend yourself... better defense = more kills

* Try and get height advantage... in build battles, always build something over your head and protect your sides.


Tip #5. When you're in top 10, try and get to the highest peak possible... mountains, buildings, etc...


The goal is to try to get to the highest point of the map possible. Higher ground gives you a better advantage all around. If people try and snipe you from below, since you have higher ground you can see better. If people try and build ramps, you can shoot them down with a grenade launcher, or whatever you have in your inventory... all around higher ground will help you more than hurt you.

Tip #6. go into settings... adjust sensitivity to 8 or 8.5 or higher.


best sensitivity.jpg

it will help with building and defending yourself... the higher your sensitivity the faster you build.... If your sensitivity is low then you won't be able to build as fast.

playground ltm.jpg

Building is the MOST important part of the game, before you should excel in attacking, learn defense, because defense wins games...

With the *NEW* Playground LTM, Fortnite players should be able to level up quickly.


*VIDEO* Tap in with Nick as he takes you on a visual guide through becoming a Fortnite GOD.

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